Accomplishments of 2019

A quieter — but still busy! — year for our organization as we await the rebuilding of the DWP multi-use trail (old railroad grade) for multiple users. This 6 mile trail around Spirit Mountain will connect the Ely Peak Loop (opened to horse riding in late 2018) to new trail opportunities that we’re pursuing. The city needs to rebuild a large railroad trestle bridge, and do other trail fixes, but we’re seeing progress. We continue to be an active and needed voice in the trail community!

– Guest speaker Mari Hardel from the MN Dept. of Agriculture spoke about invasive species encountered on the trails and how to minimize impacts of horses spreading invasive plants.
– Fun 1st Annual Classic Horse Movie Night with “The Black Stallion” at Zeitgeist Zinema with a silent auction.
– Navigated personnel changes in City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department, welcoming new Trails Coordinator Matt Andrews.

Participation in the Outdoors Summit event with Duluth Trail User Groups, and began developing a coordinated media campaign for trail etiquette.
Worked with City of Duluth on trail signage for new Ely Peak Loop system.
Added a DAHTA display at City Hall with horse items and poster about our goals.

Received grant funding from the Minnesota Trail Riders Association to make additional needed repairs to the Ely Peak Loop in a remaining wet area.
Excellent public relations during the Northland Horse Fair at the Superior Mariner Mall.
Spoke at City Council meeting in support of the horse trail designation for the Ely Peak Loop.
Official ribbon cutting designating the Ely Peak Loop for horse riding!
Front page news coverage by the Duluth News Tribune outdoors writer, John Myers.

Great success again for Horses In Your Neighborhood community outreach about horses and horse ownership. It continues to grow each year!
Record attendance at the Spring Tune Up/Sensory Clinic for horse owners to desensitize their horses. Horse training clinic and Beamer/Electrical pulse therapy demonstrations.

Fun group hike to explore trail proposed by Buffalo House owner to see if it would work as a trail to connect to Mission Creek trail.
Surveyed DAHTA members to get ideas for making the organization better and attract more members.

Horse trail signs are finally installed by the City of Duluth on the Ely Peak Trail, marked and ready to ride!

Joined community of outdoors groups in Duluth at social event to highlight trails and activities in the Duluth area.

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