Phase One Trail Update

Trail work will start this spring and completion date is set for October! Yee haw!

The bidding will go out for base improvements to the western portion, which is the Ely Peak loop, and the Magney Snively trail.  It will be filled and hardened to a width necessary for horses, and the culverts installed. Where necessary, the fall line will be changed to provide a single track switchback.  In most areas it will be a hardened (class 5) 6′ wide trail and crushed stone on each side.

The contractors are hoping to keep the cost around $110,000, which is available between DAHTA funds, 1/2-and-1/2 funds, and Parks and Rec funds.

Initially, we won’t need volunteer help on the trails.  However, DAHTA continues to need volunteers to help with fundraisers and fun events. This is critical! Thanks to our membership for your continued support. Let’s not lose our momentum now. Please encourage your friends to join DAHTA and let’s ride!

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