DAHTA Accomplishments for 2016. Happy New Year!!

– B&B Brat Sale in the spring
– Wine/Beer Tasting and Raffle in cooperation with Friends of Magney-Snively in December.

– Horses in Your Neighborhood (Spring)
– Northland Horse Expo info table
– Spring Ride and Picnic at Boulder Lake
– Fall Ride at Dago Lake
– Fall Hike/Tour of Magney-Snively Trail and Lunch

And more!
– Assisted City of Duluth with Post-Windstorm trail check at Amity Trail
– Assisted Cross-Country Ski Club with trail maintenance on National Trails Day
– Met with City of Duluth and other trail user groups to develop wayfinding signage for trail systems.
– Purchased DAHTA banner, t-shirts and water bottles for promotion.
– Developed relationship with X-C Ski Club to partner on shared trail development and maintenance.
– DAHTA was featured on all three TV News Stations and in local newspapers.

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