DAHTA is at the stakeholders’ table

There are MANY trail user groups in the Duluth area. DAHTA is working cooperatively to help attract grant funds and develop trails for the enjoyment of many! Join us as we keep horse trails on the map!


DAHTA Phase One Trail Goal

Phase1TrailThis map (published with permission) shows DAHTA’s Phase One goal for horse trail development. It’s approximately 4 miles long in Magney Snively Park. The Ely Peak Loop will be shared with cross country skiers in the winter. It will also connect to snowmobile trails already in development by the Snowmobile Club.

Please comment on City of Duluth trail plan!

The City of Duluth held a public meeting on December 10 to inform and layout potential route connections for the Cross City Trail, a multi-purpose non-motorized paved trail, from Carlton Street westward to Becks Road. Over 70 people attended the meeting but additional public input is needed on the current gap in the trail system. Anyone can submit comments online HERE. CrossCityTrail

Two Board Positions are Open

Want to help the Duluth Area Horse Trail Alliance get things done? The City of Duluth is looking forward to our group’s participation in the planning of new trails within the City. All hands on deck! Nominations (including self-nominations) will be accepted from the floor at the Dec. 14 meeting. Nominations can also be emailed to DAHTA Secretary Nannette Frederick at myutmost4hh@gmail.com.

Join us! We’ll see you on the trail!

City of Duluth supports horse trails

Read about the plans to develop horse trails along with other activities in Duluth’s beautiful west end. Story from November 6 Duluth News Tribune: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/3876941-duluth-could-offer-more-climbers-equestrians

Post Office Problems…. sigh.

We’ve learned the perils of post office box delinquency. Thanks to those of you who mailed in your DAHTA membership to the address on the form, and then informed us that the mail was returned. Our fault and we are working with the Post Office to reinstate the PO Box. Meanwhile, we hope you’ll attend our Nov. 9 meeting at the Beacon Bar on Hermantown Road! See Events Calendar for details.

October 12 Meeting at Buffalo House

Please note that the location for the October 12 General Meeting is back at the Buffalo House, 2590 Township Rd 5494, Duluth, MN 55810. Come early if you will be ordering food and socializing. Meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.